Eating at Qdoba on the Low FODMAP diet

Qdoba is not a good option if you’re on the Low FODMAP diet.

I was traveling back from vacation and looking for a good Low FODMAP lunch in the airport. Because there’s at least one option at Chipotle, I hoped the same would be true of Qdoba. Unfortunately, as I pinched and zoomed on my phone to read the ingredient lists while standing outside the restaurant, I realize it was a no go.

Here’s the problem with Qdoba when it comes to avoiding FODMAPs. I’ve reviewed all of the possible main portions of the meals and all appear to have garlic and or onions. The one exception is bacon. They appear to have several sources for bacon, so I guess if you want a bacon meal, it might work.

If given the option of Chipotle or Qdoba, Chipotle has a solid option for low FODMAPers.