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Low FODMAP foods

Learn which foods are low in FODMAPS and which ones aren't--plus some ideas on how to enjoy your favorite foods while not upsetting your stomach.

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Eating out with IBS

It can be difficult to eat out on the low FODMAP diet, so we've done some legwork for you to help you understand what you can eat at your favorite restaurants.

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IBS Relief is Possible

If you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or any of its symptoms, such as gas, bloating, irregular bowel habits or an upset stomach, a Low FODMAP diet might be the answer.

Simply put, FODMAPs are sugars that can be poorly digested and wreak havoc on your digestive system. These aren't just able sugars and include things like lactose and fructose.

The Low FODMAP diet starts with an elimination phase, after which you'll test various foods with FODMAPs to see which ones you tolerate (and in what quantities).

Real relief is possible with this diet. This site is dedicated to helping you understand digestive issues (such as IBS and SIBO) and how to get on track to recovery.

Improve your digestion and resolve stomach issues.
Improve your digestion and resolve stomach issues.